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DSLR Lenses for Beauty

Before I start on what focal points ought to be utilized for excellence shooting, let me simply call attention to that I am a Nikon shooter. I began in 1980 with my father’s old Canon AE-1 yet before long hopped to a Nikon in around two years. I like the sentiment of a Nikon in my grasp, however they both are extraordinary SLR cameras. I won’t slam Canon since they have incredible cameras and focal points. In any case, Nikon is my SLR camera framework. What’s more, I practically can promise it generally will be. What’s more, I’m a genuinely energetic Nikon devotee. I won’t get on gatherings and battle with other tech cracks on the ol’ Nikon Vs. Standard discussion. Be that as it may, I stand really firm on them being my SLR, and now DSLR, camera of decision! All things considered, I just will utilize Nikkor focal points! I won’t put a lesser quality focal point on my camera. It is my conviction, and for a fact, that the camera has little to do with picture. Be that as it may, the focal point has an inseparable tie to it. Nikkor focal points are top quality focal point. Also, I won’t forfeit my picture quality for a more affordable arrangement. Likewise I will concede that I am an enormous supporter of settled focal point in view of the nature of the glass. I’m not an aficionado of long range focal point, despite the fact that Nikon makes some extraordinary ones, and I’ve utilized them occasionally. Be that as it may, I don’t claim any long range focal points. I’ve just leased them on the event I have felt I expected to “zoom” forward and backward. For example, when I shot a band strolling over the road prior in the year and I needed to shoot them multiple times strolling forward and backward over that road, it was less demanding for me to catch that with a long range focal point.

For shooting excellence, I look over the zooming focal points. One is the 105mm F2 AF DC-Nikkor 1:2 D focal point. I’ll utilize that on the off chance that I need more in the edge, similar to her shoulders, some portion of her arms up around her face, that kind of thing. Performer’s head shots look pleasant with a 105mm on the grounds that they’re not “as well” tight. In the event that I need something more tightly I utilize the 135mm F2D AF DC-Nikkor 1:2 D focal point. I likewise use, and love, my 85mm F1.4D IF focal point. I cherish this focal point since it’s too quick and it enables me to shoot with less light, as all of you realize I want to do! However, I concede I utilize the 85mm for the most part with 3/4 and full length form shoots.

Staying with the fax group of focal points is best to do when shooting magnificence, head shots and pictures. Anything under a 85mm, as even a standard 50mm focal point or the more extensive 35mm, can will in general twist the face, as I talked about in the past post on shooting style with wide edge focal points. Shooting style in an incredible domain with a wide edge focal point is extraordinary! In any case, shooting very close on a face with a wide edge focal point will make her highlights look mutilated. Her nose, which is normally nearest to the focal point, will look excessively huge and irregular all over.

On the photo on the highest point of Ksenia, I shot her with a 135mm Nikkor focal point at about f11. I needed to get in tight on her, so I picked the more extended focal point. The shot underneath of Diana, I shot this with a 105mm on the grounds that initially I needed to see a greater amount of her shoulders, which I shot however wound up trimming out at last.

Photography Gear

What’s In My Ditty Bag

Jingle Bags! A quintessential piece of each picture taker’s stock, a jingle sack holds our basic necessities for a shoot. I don’t comprehend what you all call it yet I became accustomed to the term years back and in every case affectionately allude to mine as a tune pack, despite the fact that I get the abnormal looks from my ’20 something associates. While inquiring about the purpose behind the name I discovered this incredible little article about tune pack: The Ditty Bag is “a little sack in which a mariner keeps little instruments and gear, likewise close to home articles” as per John Rogers in Origins of Sea Terms: A cutting edge Glossary of seagoing phrasing. They did and still do have one fundamental reason: to hold a mariner’s close to home belonging and a few instruments of the exchange. They have even been alluded to as a “housewife” since they held every one of the fundamentals for fixing dress, individual things and in addition everything that was required on deck!

Ditty Bag-O-Rama~~

These days they are utilized as often as possible in the film business. Gaffers and holds have them around their abdomens. I in fact don’t possess a real “jingle sack” however despite everything I allude to any pack that isn’t my lodging my cameras and focal points as my tune pack. B and H makes an extremely decent one here. Furthermore, you’re free to put resources into a decent one like this. I simply purchase modest canvas type duffel sacks. They get tossed around a ton and I’m alright with not having them on my individual when I’m shooting. In case you’re a collaborator however, it’s a decent thing to have so you can keep each one of those fundamentals at arm’s span! In any case, we should investigate what I keep in mine since I’m certain you are on the whole DYING to know!!

My Ditty Bag Includes:

1. A couple distinctive kinds of tape (gaffer, channel, concealing)

2. Residue off. Extraordinary for keeping focal points, uh, dust free! Useful for when you’re shooting on the shoreline on a blustery day and you need to do all that you can to keep the sand out of the camera.

3. My convenient gloves. Let’s be honest: I’m a thin young lady. I get cool effectively. These gloves are extraordinary on the grounds that they keep my hands warm yet leave the two most essential fingers I have to shoot with uncovered! Yippee for Etre gloves! I can’t rave about them more!


4. A container of Rosco’s Fog juice. Once somebody who’s supposition I didn’t generally regard disclosed to me that they weren’t a “fanatic of haze machines”. I pledged to utilize them as regularly as I could escape with! Truth be told, I use them so frequently that I simply purchase the juice as opposed to leasing it alongside the machine. I should simply purchase the damn machine!!

5. 2 25′ electrical ropes. SO vital, I can’t let you know!

6. Around 50 AA and AAA batteries. Once more. You simply would prefer not to be stranded without them particularly when you require… .only one… …

7. Streak light. That’s right. Great to have the capacity to find in dim spots.

8. Gels that go over lights. Envision that! I’m so damn old school despite everything I use shading gels!!! Haha… .wager you will tap on that interface… ..

9. A manila organizer brimming with clear model discharges! Figure out how to utilize them cuz I’m horrible at it!

10. Two or three A clips. Useful for holding poop together. Superior to anything a paper cut and a bit of gum, MacGyver!

11. SP Studio Systems 5 of every 1 Reflector pack. Why the hellfire not!

12. A 18% dark card to quantify my white equalization. Once more, figure out how to utilize one cuz I simply depend on my associates to make sense of that. ; )

13. Camera manuals, take wizard manuals, profoto lighting gear manuals. I keep them in a major plastic sack. Its pleasant to realize you can investigate something when you’re out amidst no place with no telephone gathering to call the folks at Samy’s and make the Dumb Inquiry of the Week!

14. Paper containers. Only great to have available.

15. Breakfast bars. I make an effort not to urge my models to eat but rather in the event that they’re blacking out… … .( I’m Just KIDDING. Jeez, you all are so genuine!)

16. Bobby pins, pins, elastic groups, body leggings, naked bras, hair brush, brush, and so forth. That’s right, the beauticians ought to have every one of these things however it’s in every case great to have back up!

17. Latex gloves. Only great to have around.

18. Pot holders. Likewise. Hot lights, Hot heads. Only great to have the capacity to toss one on if there should be an occurrence of a crisis.

Photography Gear

Product Advertising Shoot

Over the late spring, Douglas Little procured me to shoot a battle to dispatch one of his new unrestrained items. On the off chance that you can recollect Mr. Little from this past post, he makes inquisitive yet beautiful products. He’s principally renowned for his wanton candles, and this new item was without a doubt going to top the rundown of everything evil and wonderful. Douglas’ new flame was a Swarovski precious stone layered light that retails for a cool $420 bucks! Since the name of the flame is Poison Apple, he needed to play with the Snow White topic. He sent me one comp, that is it. He needed one single picture to advance the item with, yet the picture was well thoroughly considered and arranged. He needed to utilize his better half, the distinguished vaudeville dream young lady Leila as our model since she normally has a Snow White embodiment to her. With her ebony hair and snow white skin, she truly was the ideal decision for our model.

The intriguing thing about this shoot is that I had the capacity to try out the PhaseOne P40+ camera. While I was getting some apparatus at Samy’s for the shoot, Jim up in the expert office offered to give me a chance to take the PhaseOne P40+ out and give it a spin. Ordinarily I won’t “test” gear out on an occupation, yet my arrangement was to utilize my Nikon for the vast majority of the shoot and test out the PhaseOne once I realized I had the shot in the can with the Nikon. I am in the market for a medium organization camera yet I’m extremely inclining towards returning to film cameras and utilizing advanced backs with them. In the event that you review, I utilized a Hasselblad on the shoreline shoot and was genuinely inspired with it however not sufficiently awed to spend the sort of cash it expenses to get one. I’ve generally veered towards Mamiyas for form any way and my tendency is to return to them. At any rate, I cheerfully took the PhaseOne home and did my examination on it the night prior to the shoot!


Taken with a Phase One P40+
(Click here to Enlarge)

I used the two cameras on the shoot and wound up shooting about a similar measure of pictures on the two cameras. Cutting straight to the chase, I need to state I didn’t see much contrast in picture quality. Also, truth be told, the customer picked the shot that was taken with my Nikon. Second place was a shot taken with the PhaseOne. There was certainly more detail on the PhaseOne shots, with 28 additional pixels there ought to be! Maybe it’s difficult to tell a gigantic distinction in light of the modifying, yet truly, the crude records on the PhaseOne didn’t take my breath away. What’s more, I need to likewise say that I favored the manner in which the Hasselblad felt in my grasp while shooting with it over the PhaseOne. To each their own, I generally say.


Taken with a Nikon D2x
(Click here to Enlarge)

We made a cold rely upon the floor of the studio, heaping covers over each other to include a rich delicate ground and after that poured phony snow over the heap. We had our model lying over our “snow” and I utilized one light with a medium figment delicate box as my key light. I at that point had my colleague hold a light parallel to the models head. Since she was lying on the floor, the light was low. I utilized a 20 degree lattice with his fingers spread over the framework to make an example of light to hit territories of her face and the apple. I expected to get the features on the Swarovski precious stones since the apple was extremely the “Star” of the shoot! I chose that the light my aide held should have been undiffused so it could get the stunning little shimmers that the precious stones on the apple make when light hits them.


Photography Gear

The Nikon D800 AKA: My New BFF

On the off chance that you’ve been following my blog for any period of time, you know at this point I am a given Nikon client. Frequently inquired as to WHY am I so dedicated to Nikon over Canon, it’s extremely a matter of the manner in which the camera has dependably felt in my grasp when I’m shooting. It’s felt increasingly strong, I presume. Notwithstanding when I’ve played around with Canon’s before, Canon has quite recently felt progressively lightweight, somewhat flimsier. They’re similarly incredible cameras, I can’t state that one is superior to the next. It’s only an inclination thing, infant. Nothing else. Last February when Nikon declared their most up to date Pro DSLR, the Nikon D800, I was eager to get my hands on it. I pre-requested the camera from B + H and after that paused. Also, paused. shoots went back and forth and I even headed out to Europe to shoot and still, no D800. At long last I composed B + H and revealed to them that I had sat tight more than a half year for my camera. after 2 days, my new camera arrived!

The D800 highlights a spic and span 36 Megapixel full-outline FX-arrange sensor, which makes it the most elevated goals camera outside of the medium organization world. Offering 36 megapixels, commentators contend that an excessive number of pixels on a little sensor can present grain when shooting in low light or at higher ISO speeds. Pause, is that an issue? My fundamental dissatisfaction with the advanced configuration has dependably been the loss of grain and coarseness that I used to adore about film. So that was not a negative part of getting the Nikon D800. Contingent upon the nature of focal points, this “grain” can be very stunning, really. In any event to somebody such as myself that likes to shoot in low light circumstances. Also, the D800 has a full edge sensor with the goal that implies it’s a counterpart for a 35mm film camera. With alternate route catches over the camera, I can get to my ISO controls and WB modes in a split second without going into the menu. There’s even a LV catch which pops the camera’s mirror back to see what I’m shooting when I’m shooting video. Fabulous!

Despite the fact that it’s lighter than other NIkon’s I’ve possessed, it’s still holds the equivalent sturdy, workhorse assemble that I’ve depended on with Nikon for more than 25 years of shooting expertly. The last Nikon I shot with had more than 1/2 million completions previously I consumed the screen engine out. My Nikons get destroyed, I’ve shot in solidifying cool atmospheres and in the rain and I’ve never had one flop on me. It’s typically me simply shooting the damnation out of them before they at last say, OK stop. Time for another one!

Must Have Nikkor Lenses:

Nikon Telephoto AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D IF Autofocus – Best Lens in the World

In case you’re utilizing DX focal points, it cuts your pixels down to 15.4, which to me, is still high in pixels. This entire rage with picture takers suspecting that “more pixels, better camera” is somewhat lost on me. I shot numerous a shoot on lower pixels and except if I had a vocation where I would shoot for an announcement, the pixels did fine and dandy. The greater part of my work is publication and print publicizing. I don’t require 64 pixels for this sort of work. Yet, on the off chance that you have the cash and surmise that adding pixels to your pictures will improve them pictures, feel free to purchase that costly apparatus. For me, I would preferably observe you put resources into better quality glass for your DSLR’s. I can’t disclose to you how often I find out about somebody rationing the glass yet purchasing an over the top expensive camera. Simply my two pennies, don’t hesitate to contend away!

One of the greatest pluses on my new camera is the video include. The Nikon D800 offers 1920 X 1080 pixels full HD video with an expressive 30fps. I just fell off a multi day video shoot and I utilized my Nikon for the entire shoot while my teammate, video chief Dimitrios Papagiannis shot with a Lumix. In the wake of taking a gander at my recording, Dimitrios was awed with the nature of the recording I shot. I was as well, in spite of the fact that I’m not a master yet at video. I was simply awed I could catch movement since I have been thinking in “still” mode my entire life. On the off chance that I could be so unassuming to state that I think my solid suit as a picture taker is my capacity to catch a minute, or if nothing else, that is the thing that I make progress toward, in video you have to catch the MOMENTS! It’s an entire method for seeing/picturing. Express gratitude toward God I’ve had a camera put to my face for more than 33 years. That kinda’ assists with the entire “seeing” part. : )

till Outtake from the D800 Video