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Over the late spring, Douglas Little procured me to shoot a battle to dispatch one of his new unrestrained items. On the off chance that you can recollect Mr. Little from this past post, he makes inquisitive yet beautiful products. He’s principally renowned for his wanton candles, and this new item was without a doubt going to top the rundown of everything evil and wonderful. Douglas’ new flame was a Swarovski precious stone layered light that retails for a cool $420 bucks! Since the name of the flame is Poison Apple, he needed to play with the Snow White topic. He sent me one comp, that is it. He needed one single picture to advance the item with, yet the picture was well thoroughly considered and arranged. He needed to utilize his better half, the distinguished vaudeville dream young lady Leila as our model since she normally has a Snow White embodiment to her. With her ebony hair and snow white skin, she truly was the ideal decision for our model.

The intriguing thing about this shoot is that I had the capacity to try out the PhaseOne P40+ camera. While I was getting some apparatus at Samy’s for the shoot, Jim up in the expert office offered to give me a chance to take the PhaseOne P40+ out and give it a spin. Ordinarily I won’t “test” gear out on an occupation, yet my arrangement was to utilize my Nikon for the vast majority of the shoot and test out the PhaseOne once I realized I had the shot in the can with the Nikon. I am in the market for a medium organization camera yet I’m extremely inclining towards returning to film cameras and utilizing advanced backs with them. In the event that you review, I utilized a Hasselblad on the shoreline shoot and was genuinely inspired with it however not sufficiently awed to spend the sort of cash it expenses to get one. I’ve generally veered towards Mamiyas for form any way and my tendency is to return to them. At any rate, I cheerfully took the PhaseOne home and did my examination on it the night prior to the shoot!


Taken with a Phase One P40+
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I used the two cameras on the shoot and wound up shooting about a similar measure of pictures on the two cameras. Cutting straight to the chase, I need to state I didn’t see much contrast in picture quality. Also, truth be told, the customer picked the shot that was taken with my Nikon. Second place was a shot taken with the PhaseOne. There was certainly more detail on the PhaseOne shots, with 28 additional pixels there ought to be! Maybe it’s difficult to tell a gigantic distinction in light of the modifying, yet truly, the crude records on the PhaseOne didn’t take my breath away. What’s more, I need to likewise say that I favored the manner in which the Hasselblad felt in my grasp while shooting with it over the PhaseOne. To each their own, I generally say.


Taken with a Nikon D2x
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We made a cold rely upon the floor of the studio, heaping covers over each other to include a rich delicate ground and after that poured phony snow over the heap. We had our model lying over our “snow” and I utilized one light with a medium figment delicate box as my key light. I at that point had my colleague hold a light parallel to the models head. Since she was lying on the floor, the light was low. I utilized a 20 degree lattice with his fingers spread over the framework to make an example of light to hit territories of her face and the apple. I expected to get the features on the Swarovski precious stones since the apple was extremely the “Star” of the shoot! I chose that the light my aide held should have been undiffused so it could get the stunning little shimmers that the precious stones on the apple make when light hits them.