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The Nikon D800 AKA: My New BFF

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On the off chance that you’ve been following my blog for any period of time, you know at this point I am a given Nikon client. Frequently inquired as to WHY am I so dedicated to Nikon over Canon, it’s extremely a matter of the manner in which the camera has dependably felt in my grasp when I’m shooting. It’s felt increasingly strong, I presume. Notwithstanding when I’ve played around with Canon’s before, Canon has quite recently felt progressively lightweight, somewhat flimsier. They’re similarly incredible cameras, I can’t state that one is superior to the next. It’s only an inclination thing, infant. Nothing else. Last February when Nikon declared their most up to date Pro DSLR, the Nikon D800, I was eager to get my hands on it. I pre-requested the camera from B + H and after that paused. Also, paused. shoots went back and forth and I even headed out to Europe to shoot and still, no D800. At long last I composed B + H and revealed to them that I had sat tight more than a half year for my camera. after 2 days, my new camera arrived!

The D800 highlights a spic and span 36 Megapixel full-outline FX-arrange sensor, which makes it the most elevated goals camera outside of the medium organization world. Offering 36 megapixels, commentators contend that an excessive number of pixels on a little sensor can present grain when shooting in low light or at higher ISO speeds. Pause, is that an issue? My fundamental dissatisfaction with the advanced configuration has dependably been the loss of grain and coarseness that I used to adore about film. So that was not a negative part of getting the Nikon D800. Contingent upon the nature of focal points, this “grain” can be very stunning, really. In any event to somebody such as myself that likes to shoot in low light circumstances. Also, the D800 has a full edge sensor with the goal that implies it’s a counterpart for a 35mm film camera. With alternate route catches over the camera, I can get to my ISO controls and WB modes in a split second without going into the menu. There’s even a LV catch which pops the camera’s mirror back to see what I’m shooting when I’m shooting video. Fabulous!

Despite the fact that it’s lighter than other NIkon’s I’ve possessed, it’s still holds the equivalent sturdy, workhorse assemble that I’ve depended on with Nikon for more than 25 years of shooting expertly. The last Nikon I shot with had more than 1/2 million completions previously I consumed the screen engine out. My Nikons get destroyed, I’ve shot in solidifying cool atmospheres and in the rain and I’ve never had one flop on me. It’s typically me simply shooting the damnation out of them before they at last say, OK stop. Time for another one!

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In case you’re utilizing DX focal points, it cuts your pixels down to 15.4, which to me, is still high in pixels. This entire rage with picture takers suspecting that “more pixels, better camera” is somewhat lost on me. I shot numerous a shoot on lower pixels and except if I had a vocation where I would shoot for an announcement, the pixels did fine and dandy. The greater part of my work is publication and print publicizing. I don’t require 64 pixels for this sort of work. Yet, on the off chance that you have the cash and surmise that adding pixels to your pictures will improve them pictures, feel free to purchase that costly apparatus. For me, I would preferably observe you put resources into better quality glass for your DSLR’s. I can’t disclose to you how often I find out about somebody rationing the glass yet purchasing an over the top expensive camera. Simply my two pennies, don’t hesitate to contend away!

One of the greatest pluses on my new camera is the video include. The Nikon D800 offers 1920 X 1080 pixels full HD video with an expressive 30fps. I just fell off a multi day video shoot and I utilized my Nikon for the entire shoot while my teammate, video chief Dimitrios Papagiannis shot with a Lumix. In the wake of taking a gander at my recording, Dimitrios was awed with the nature of the recording I shot. I was as well, in spite of the fact that I’m not a master yet at video. I was simply awed I could catch movement since I have been thinking in “still” mode my entire life. On the off chance that I could be so unassuming to state that I think my solid suit as a picture taker is my capacity to catch a minute, or if nothing else, that is the thing that I make progress toward, in video you have to catch the MOMENTS! It’s an entire method for seeing/picturing. Express gratitude toward God I’ve had a camera put to my face for more than 33 years. That kinda’ assists with the entire “seeing” part. : )

till Outtake from the D800 Video